How Submissions Will Work

Posted: December 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hey everybody a quick update here about the competition. A lot of you are not receiving the registration confirmation emails so I will be posting them here on the website. If you haven’t gotten any yet, then do not worry because you haven’t missed anything important. Also, the 3 required elements will be posted on this very website live at at the start of the competition this Friday at 5:00pm Pacific Time.

I want to quickly talk about the submission process. After you have begun the 48 Film Challenge on Friday (or on your respective time zone), you will see a submission tab added on this website. Once you are done with your video you will upload it to your YouTube account on unlisted. You can then send us that link in the submission form (which will be on the site).

If you have any questions at all, drop them in the line below. Any if you haven’t registered, it is not too late!

  1. do we have to put them on unlisted and if we do how come?

  2. Nathan Hurd says:

    sweet deal cant wait to get started

  3. Jacob Stern says:

    How do you upload a video as “unlisted”? Is there an option to do this?

  4. The Boss says:

    How do we know if we are registered if we didn’t recieve confirmation? Will the three elements be available to everyone once they are live?

  5. jake luders says:

    cool, cool

  6. Dean says:

    Are you receiving our registration details so you’re aware if we’ve registered or could anyone enter regardless of a registration as all details are posted here anyway? Basically, do you have to have a team name and email address for every team before a submission is allowed or does it not really matter as the reg process is a bit broken?

  7. Randax01 says:

    Me and some friends are meeting on the 6th to decide on a script, team name, etc. Will it be too late to register then?

  8. Hi,

    I was wondering what to do if for example once we finished the video, the upload of youtube takes a really long long time (it is sometimes veeeerrrryyyy slow) and we cannot meet the deadline.

    Is there a way to send you a link before it finishes uploading?


  9. blazraidr says:

    Could we use a library of our own premade stock footage, such as our own cg explosions and gun shots? It’s similar to the Action Essentials pack, but it’s made by myself.

  10. Cole says:

    Are you allowed to use stock footage from the action essentials pack?

  11. Hiram says:

    Would it be OK to show trademarked logos and interfaces, such as on an old Macintosh computer? Would the logos have to be covered up and the interface made up like they do in TV shows?

  12. Tom Carson says:

    I’m confused where do we send it to your email?

  13. Rodrigo says:

    I have not received my confirmation e-mail, is there anyway for me to be sure that I’m in the contest?
    Also, does the contest start for everyone at the same time, or at a different time according to your time zone?

  14. KayB says:

    I know you said that action essentials are okay, but can we use pro scores and the sound packs from VideoCoPilot?

  15. Dylan says:

    I live on the East coast, so does that mean I will receive the 3 elements at 8:00 PM? Haha it may be a bit dark to film XD

  16. Jeremiah says:

    Are we allowed to use Pro Scores?

  17. KayB says:

    As long as we have FULL permission to music from the composer we can use it right?

  18. The Boss says:

    King, would it be alright if we were to have cocaine in our video? Not anyone using it, but as a police drug bust sort of thing? Or is that too innapropriate for this contest? Thanks.

  19. andrew says:

    what happen if we do not make it unlisted and why do we have to do that

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