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Posted: December 10, 2011 in Uncategorized
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A few of you are over achievers and have finished already so submit your videos here. 

Remember, the videos need to be 3 minutes or less and include the second title slate in the beginning.

Before you submit, watch this video to make sure you put in the correct title slate and information in the intro.


  1. Cole says:

    This challenge is so fun! You should definitely host another film challenge 😀

  2. Nihal says:

    Is it ok if the film is 3 minutes and 6 seconds because i need to ad the title and the slate? because you said it can’t be 3:30 seconds.

  3. blazraidr says:

    Does it have to be uploaded as unlisted, because some people might have copyright infringements which disable the unlisted feature?

  4. Adam A. says:

    If our upload is taking way longer than expected what should we do, because I started at 10:30 and it is only at 35%?

  5. Adam A. says:

    ok I will Email it.

  6. Spencer says:

    Hey Zach, when will the winners be announced? I can’t wait to see who won!

  7. mike says:


  8. Alex Jo says:

    Do you have an idea how many different groups and videos are being submitted?

  9. Treative Vision says:

    I was wondering if we were supposed to get a confirmation email upon submission of our film? I submitted hours and hours ago and have received no word or email. We put alot of work into it and want to make sure you guys got it. Thank you for this awesome opportunity, it was a great experience! Look forward to hearing from you.

    Chris Rochow
    Treative Vision

  10. Eli says:

    Will you be watching the videos at their highest quality available? (changing the quality in the viewer) because mine is pretty low quality by default and I don’t want to get a lower chance of winning because of the quality

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