3 Elements – Get Started

Posted: December 10, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Download the information and 3 elements here: http://www.mediafire.com/?438cf5uzk7jlf1d

Good luck!

Zach King

  1. blazraidr says:

    would a beanie be considered a hat?

  2. João Pedro Costa says:

    Hey zach , about the camera angle , all the movie needs to be in the angle that I will choose ?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Consider it done!

  4. marcus says:

    there isn’t gonna be some technicality that makes it so my character can’t where both a hat and a scarf, if i still choose just one, cuz that would be tremendously bogus …

  5. Anonymous says:

    the pdf is only half. what are the 3 prop elements?

  6. Pedro says:

    Sorry I didn’t get if the reply “yes” was for the beanie question. It’s a beanie consider as a hat?? Also, does it need to appear more than once in the video??

  7. Alex says:

    Yay… SO excited to start!

  8. Kelvin says:

    do the angles have to stay that angle the whole video?

  9. dstruxness says:

    What is a dutch angle?

  10. Hey, just wondering if we can use multiple versions of the elements…like a stash of hats or more that 1 pencils or something like that. Or do we have to only use 1 pencil and 1 hat? Thanks!

  11. do we have to have one camera angle for the entire movie?

  12. Hiram says:

    By “keyboard” you mean the computer input device, not the musical instrument, right?

  13. The laffinggas says:

    Does a diary or journal count as a book?

  14. Anonymous says:

    a camera angle a prop and a clothing item as long as it is at some point in the movie is all right ?

  15. I downloaded the list thing, and when you say a clip should not be longer than 3 minutes, does that mean that I can submit a 10 minute short? thanks!

  16. Daniel says:

    A Camera angle a prop and clothing item just has to appear at some point in the movie eh?

  17. Anonymous says:

    It’s 8:30 on December 9th and i don’t know how to get the three eliments

  18. Anonymous says:

    or spell for that matter lmao

  19. Anonymous says:

    zach when you say keyboard, does mobile phone keyboard included?

  20. Vegard says:

    If I choose the low camera angle, does every shot in the movie have to be filmed in a low camera angle? Or can I just include it once?

  21. Anonymous says:

    is a piano allowed instead of a keyboard?

  22. jake says:

    do we have to do all three in each catigory or on from each?

  23. blazraidr says:

    finished filming, and the rough cut, now comes the arduous vfx marathon!!

  24. Kevin Kalb says:

    Is it ok to use cuss words? haha

  25. Seth Lindgren says:

    Hey, after we’ve submitted the videos, and they are judged. Am I allowed to add stuff my video and post it to youtube?

  26. Alex says:

    lol… After Effects Crashed on me and I forgot to save! Ooops

  27. Alex says:

    Fished rendering… Gonna Upload it after my Team Reviews it!

  28. Austin says:

    Does a mechanical pencil qualify as a pencil?

  29. Cole says:

    Does the video have to be unlisted?

  30. Kenneth Lawrence says:

    THE BROWN NINJA is a spoof of Chinese comedy!
    Special thanks to my pal Avnish who did a great job playing a double roll and fighting with himself 😛
    Hope you guys enjoy it! Thanks for the competition Zach & the FinalCutKing team!

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