How it Works

So what do you have to do? First you will need to gather a group of friends or fellow filmmakers to join your team. You can have as many people as you want on your team. If you are the team leader then will be in charge of signing up with the registration form here before the competition begins.

On December 9th at 5:00pm (Pacific Time) all the teams will be emailed the list of several things that need to be included in your film and you will choose 3 of them (a camera angle, prop, and an article of clothing).

Once the registration is complete you will be official registered.

You may plan and write your movie ahead of time, in fact we encourage it. But you need to remember that you will have to include the 3 elements (which you will receive when the competition begins) into your film.

You may not shoot or edit any portion of your video before hand and any royalty free video clips are off limits. The video must be entirely original work, don’t use anything that is copyrighted (ex: Beatles Music).

You will be judged on how well you incorporate your 3 elements into the video.

  • Artistic Merit (e.g., Story, Creativity, Originality, Entertainment Value) (45%)
  • Technical Merit (30%)
  • Adherence to the Assignment (25%)

If you are up for the challenge and want to win some sweet prizes, then head on over and register!

  1. Zac H says:

    Sounds like a great contest! I will surely get registered as soon as I draw up a team.

  2. Jonathan H. says:

    Hey!! Sounds like a ton of fun…Don’t know if I can swing it but I do have one question. Can sound effects and possibly a music score be put together beforehand?

  3. Zane R. says:

    Very excited for this competition! I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a long time!

  4. Anonymous says:

    i’ve got a problem. If you send that e-mail at 5pm pacific time i’ll get it at 2am on saturday because i live in switzerland

  5. Lee Baxter says:

    Hey Zach, could I get some clarification? On this “how it works page” it says that I can plan and write the movie ahead of time, however on the “challenge page” it appears to say that I can only write during the 48 hours of the project. I’m just wondering which information I should follow. Thanks!

  6. Michael Whitten says:

    So does that mean that music from Garageband or Soundtrack would also be off limits?

  7. So how long does the video have to be and can i use muzzle flashes from the action essentials pack?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hey! Sounds great. I’m only 11, but I will try my best!!

  9. Mat says:

    I’m thirteen and I was wondering if my film will be rated the same as someone whose like 20

  10. Alex says:

    In the tab called “the challenge” you said that the films will be up to 3 minutes. Does that mean we can’t make it any longer than three minutes?!?

  11. Alex says:

    also, why can’t you get the music beforehand? and how will you know if we do? Not that i would cheat 🙂

  12. Dede says:

    can the movie thing be a trailer for a movie im making?

  13. Sounds cool, but can I use royalty music?

  14. Noah Melcher says:

    If we can’t copyrite does that mean we have to make our own music for the video we make?

  15. Abdullah Omar says:

    Hello, I have a question whether the edit video using their own software or using your software?

  16. You say no royalty free videos. Does that mean we can’t use stock footage of bullet shells, muzzle flashes, etc.?

  17. Anonymous says:

    where do we send you the link to our youtube entry? like, will there be a place on this website to send you the link or what?

  18. Alex says:

    When are we getting an confirmation email. Cuz I signed up, but im not sure if im in the contest!

  19. Chris says:

    Are we allowed to make parodies of some movies. example(forrest Gump?)

  20. Eli says:

    Can it be in 3d, as in you need to wear red and cyan glasses to view it?

  21. Eli says:

    Is there a way to change the info you signed up with?, if so, how? e.g You get a new member in your team or you want to change the team name.

  22. Noah Melcher says:

    what does that mean royalty music?

  23. Stefan says:

    So going to get my team ready

  24. Anonymous says:

    Seeing as I’m 14, my team consists of kids 😛 Will it matter that the actors don’t really match the movie (e.g. kids in the army).

  25. Andrew says:

    what goes under the technical merit category for the 48 hr film challenge?

  26. david says:

    i didn’t have to think about entering this contest but for 1/2 of a sec. can’t wait to share my talent with you zach God bless bro.

  27. Tan GuanHong says:

    Zach, does that mean that I will start at 9am on Saturday?
    Im in Singapore.
    And it will end around 9 am on Monday?

  28. Seth Lindgren says:

    If the items are emailed at 5 o’clock pacific time does that mean it’s sent out at 7 o’clock central time?

  29. Sam says:

    I received an email that I had “unsubscribed” to the 48 hour film challenge today. OF course I resubscribed, but am I too late?

  30. Anonymous says:

    What are the rules about violence and swearing?

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