Last Minute Registrations

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Hey guys,

For those of you that are just now registering for the competition, you might not receive the email at 5:00pm for the required elements but don’t worry because they will be posted right here on this site. So be sure to check back here at 5:00pm Pacific Time.



Before you Begin!!

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Watch this quick update before you begin the competition at 5:00pm tonight (pacific time):

Filmmaking in 48 Hours?

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I wanted to write another short quick tip post about filmmaking in 48 hours. Yesterday’s post was more about maintaining your health during the 2 day period but I wanted to focus this article on how to approach the filmmaking process within a short time period. One of your main goals when creating a film in a small amount of time is to focus on the really important aspects of the video. The more planning and preparation you put into your videos, the better they will be.  If you are unprepared, you will most likely have to record multiple takes for just one shot, and if you have 50 shots in a video, this can waste a lot of time that could be well spent elsewhere.  That is why I continue to stress the importance of spending a few hours at the start of the competition and prepare with your entire team to avoid wasted time.

Everyone in the movie business knows about budgets and how it is really bad to go over your budget. Since most of you will not have a budget for you 48 Film Challenge, (except pizza and drinks for your team) then your budget is time. Another waste of time is being too fancy with unnecessary camera angles. The goal of filmmaking is to tell a story, not to showcase your new camera dolly in every shot. When you are under a time constraint, sometimes you need to sacrifice a time consuming shot in order to stay on your time budget. I really want you to put creativity into your shots and create a good video, but seriously consider not spending hours on a shot, unless it is crucial to the story. My advice = keep it simple to tell your story.

The same principal applies to the post production process. Every section of the filmmaking process should be generally planned out. Here is what I would do for example to deligate my teams time:

  • Planning: 5-10 hours,
  • Shooting: 8-10 hours (begin giving shots to editor during this time)
  • Editing: 8-10 hours (rough cut is given to composer or music editor)
  • Re-Shoots: 2-5 hours
  • Composer: writes the score until the final edit is ready.
  • 2-4 Hours before the deadline begin upload.

With this schedule you should have plenty of time for eating, sleeping, and uploading.

A lot of people have been asking me questions like, “what happens if YouTube takes a long time to upload my video and I cannot submit it in time?”  I need to be strict about the deadline and any videos submitted after the deadline will be disqualified or else it is unfair for all those who did submit in time. So make sure that you plan ahead with your upload time. I would hate for someone’s video to be disqualified if it uploads really slow.

I’m getting really excited to see your videos on Sunday night!

Keep Rockin!

Zach King

Tips and Tricks

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The competition is just a few days away and I am getting really excited to see all the chatter about the 48 Film Challenge.  If you have ever entered a 48 Hour Film Competition then you know how exhilarating it is to get your list of required elements and begin shooting a movie with your team. But before you get carried away and burn yourself out in the first day, let me give you some real practical tips and tricks that I do when I am under high pressure filming situations like this. I have participated in both 24, 48, and 100 hour film challenges and if this is your first time in a challenge like this, this advice may come in handy.

Once you get your list of 3 elements that you need to include in your movie, you should talk them over with your teammates and brainstorm for a while.  Stay relaxed, maybe talk it over a dinner or food, something to keep the energy up.  Creating and preserving energy throughout the competition period is very important and will probably affect your success.  So eat lots of food and stay hydrated. Some of this advice may seem very unimportant, but trust me, it’s crucial to maintaining a healthy team. Healthy team = strong team. Strong team = better movie (usually).

I suggest that you take several hours to write, plan and storyboard your video. Even if you already have a general story idea formed, you should still take time and develop creative ways to incorporate the assigned camera angle, prop, and article of clothing.  The videos that usually win these competitions are creative and out “out of the box” with the way they incorporate their elements.  If the article of clothing is a hat, think of all the ways a hat can be used in the video, other than being worn on your actors head (because everyone else will do that). Being different will help your video stand apart from the rest.

As far as staying awake during the competition – DON’T DO IT!

“What??? But I only have 2 days to make a movie, I can’t afford to sleep?”

It’s better to stay alert, rested, and creative than tired and frustrated. The reason teams are awesome is because you can plan out shifts for people to be working, some during the morning, afternoon, or evening. But everyone should be able to get some sleep during the challenge period.

I do not reccamend taking 5 Hour Energy or any supplement to force yourself to stay awake. I do at least 3 all nighters a week to keep up with my school and film projects (it’s kind of a bad habit now) but I would consider myself an “all nighter expert”. One of the best things to do if you need to stay up all night is drink lots of water and snack on something. I usually bring a few apples or a box of cereal to munch on during the late hours of the night.

[Actually i have been up for the last 38 hours and all the sudden I just got extremely tired so I’m gonna hit the hay for a few hours before my night classes.]

I will write a blog entry everyday until the competition begins this week cuz I’ve got a few more tips and tricks related to the filmmaking process.

Peace out!

Zach King

How Submissions Will Work

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Hey everybody a quick update here about the competition. A lot of you are not receiving the registration confirmation emails so I will be posting them here on the website. If you haven’t gotten any yet, then do not worry because you haven’t missed anything important. Also, the 3 required elements will be posted on this very website live at at the start of the competition this Friday at 5:00pm Pacific Time.

I want to quickly talk about the submission process. After you have begun the 48 Film Challenge on Friday (or on your respective time zone), you will see a submission tab added on this website. Once you are done with your video you will upload it to your YouTube account on unlisted. You can then send us that link in the submission form (which will be on the site).

If you have any questions at all, drop them in the line below. Any if you haven’t registered, it is not too late!

Live Chat FAQ Recording

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If you missed the FAQ live chat about the 48 Film Challenge….here it is.

by FinalCutKing

  This is the FIRST EVER FinalCutKing 48 Hour Film Challenge so put together a team and get ready for pure craziness!

     On December 9th at 5:00pm (pacific standard time), teams from all over the world will make a short film no longer than 3 minutes long using the 3 required elements that will be revealed. The grand prize is $1000 cash and the opportunity to shoot a collaboration video with the FinalCutKing team.  Other cool prizes include a GoPro Camera and some gift cards.  If you think this is a challenge you can take on, then create a team and start thinking of a sweet idea! If you would like to find a team to join in your local area, feel free to discuss that on the facebook page.