– $1000 cash
– Collaboration with the FinalCutKing YouTube Channel.  Zach King and a few of the team members will fly out to your city and shoot a video with your team and plan an awesome YouTube Meetup in the area.

a GoPro HD Hero Camera









$25 iTunes gift card

  1. Brian Hall says:

    This is a awesome idea. Whoever wins is gonna get a great experience! Anyway, do the people who place 3-7TH place get anything, or just the people who place 1st, 2nd, and 8-10th?

  2. Connor says:

    hey zach, just wondering, i live in australia, how would we be able to do a collab if i was to win (which i wont) but yeah, just a query

  3. Noe says:

    Is there a minimum age restriction? Or can anyone at any age enter?

  4. Sam says:

    Im getting a new camera for xmas. Will this competition happen again by any chance?

  5. Alexander says:

    What if I back out due to some problems ??

  6. Anonymous says:

    Do you also give airsoft guns????

  7. Dede says:

    how will you give us our prizes??

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hey Zach,

    I Registered a couple of days ago and havent gotten a conformation email.


  9. vfxenchor says:

    I registered today, can i still participate? Also sorry for asking and I do understand you get 1000s of these a day but would you mind checking out me channel ‘vfxenchor’ and telling me how you like/dislike my videos, you inspired me back in july with ‘Fruit Ninja In Real Life’ (my first video aswell). Thanks for your time and consideration for reading this if you are 🙂

  10. henry says:

    hey zach
    i just registered for the contest
    i love all of your videos and you inspire me to make videos with vfx
    check out my attempt at a real life fruit ninja video here:

    thanks again 😀

  11. Anonymous says:

    Is there a way we can see how many people have entered?

  12. Jacob Stern says:

    Is there a way to check if I registered? If there was a confirmation email I don’t think I got it…

  13. Anonymous says:

    Is there a way to know how many people entered?

  14. Stefan says:

    hey i am so going to make a video

  15. Joe says:

    If i am registered with another team can i still post my own video too?

  16. I would love to win =) It would be lovely to meet you guys or speak to you guys !!!

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