The Challenge

Can you handle the challenge?

This is the first ever FinalCutKing 48 Hour Film Challenge and the competition is open to anyone.  You and your team will have up to 48 hours to write, shoot, edit, and submit a film up to 3 minutes long.  The teams will be given a list of elements and you will choose 3 of them to be used in your video (one from each of the following categories). The 3 elements include a camera angle (ex: dutch angle), a prop (ex: computer), and an article of clothing (ex: leather jacket).

A $1000 bucks is up for grabs as well as a collaboration with the FinalCutKing team (we will come fly out to your city).

Curious how it’s going to work?

  1. Connor says:

    what if you live in australia?

  2. Connor says:

    i live in australia which means i’ll start 12:00 noon on the 9th december. do i still get 48 hours?

  3. Flo says:

    If I entered the contest, can I upload my video to Youtube too?

  4. Ben says:

    Hey Zack, I am in the Uk. Do we still have the same time and every thing,


  5. Aaron says:

    Hey dude I just have to say that your videos are awesome. Now I have 2 quick questions 1. Can I do a solo project or do I have to have a team and 2. Will the 3 items needed be announced The same time the contest starts or like an hour ahead of time? Thanks, Aaron H.

  6. Jacob Fisher says:

    Where do you upload?

  7. Rasmus Vestergaard says:

    Anyone from denmark please contact me over my skype Dunme9000!

  8. Are Nerf Wars fine because on my channel i create them with muzzle flares and effects do u think it would suitable because im only 13 and cant have airsoft guns (tough laws in Canada.)

  9. Anonymous says:

    i have a great idea for my entry and its going to be supper cool.but what if i dont have enough friends to come over?can it just be a one on one thing?

  10. AdmirB says:

    what are the clothing elements and everything else because i can’t find the elements

  11. Shroom says:

    What’s up Zach. So after we’re done we upload the video and submit. So … When do you think the results will be out. Two weeks or so?

  12. Anonymous says:

    so we get to pick the three elements or what

  13. Michael Vickers says:

    Can we use all the elements? Angles, Props, Clothing…
    Can we use Final Cut Pro Plug-Ins? Sound effects and Music?

  14. Mark says:

    Will there be an email sent to everyone who entered telling them who one? Also how will you decide who wins? How many people are voting? How many people/videos were entered?

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